Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)


“Better Health for All” bearing this commitment, Goodman has been creating employment opportunities, developing human resources skills and participating in humanitarian activities including rehabilitation program as a part of corporate social responsibility as we do believe that we can thrive only if the nation remains healthy.

Goodman considers its employees as the valuable assets and protects their rights and provides a wide range of staff benefits including disbursement of company profit to them. Goodman maximizes safety in workplace for its employees and child labor is strictly prohibited in our company.

As its commitment to society Goodman Pharmaceuticals Ltd donates medicines to the Government Relief Fund including Prime Minister’s Charity Fund during natural disaster. Goodman also provides financial assistance for expensive treatment including heart disease and cancer and disburses its Corporate Zakat for the relief of distressed people every year.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the evidence of commitment to our clients, employees, government and the society at large.